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dobra jakość Myjnia samochodowa na sprzedaż
dobra jakość Myjnia samochodowa na sprzedaż
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Tunnel car wash machine

Chiny Tunnel car wash machine dostawca

Duży Obraz :  Tunnel car wash machine

Szczegóły Produktu:

: CE,ISO9001
Model Number: TP-901


Minimum Order Quantity: One Sets
Packaging Details: Wooden Package
Delivery Time: 45 Days
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Tunnel car wash machine

Tunnel car wash machine

TEPO-AUTO Tunnel Car Wash Machine is started a brand new project of aesthetic design. The brand new color coordinator and highly aesthetic profile formed the classics of TEPO-AUTO. The new TEPO-AUTO washing machine have both modern and classic aesthetic heritage, and its elegant design will attract the customers all over the world. Mini tunnel car wash is the leading model of TEPO-AUTO Tunnel car wash , to develop the simple and practical machine is our direction. TEPO-AUTO enjoys a high reputation all over the world. Concise but not simple is constant culture of TEPO-AUTO tunnel car wash. Now, the set of the legendary and innovative light gene, a new washing machine AUTOBASE T series comes vividly. In terms of elegant design, dynamic performance, or environmental protection are proudly leading in the global market.

Tunnel car wash machine

1. Completely Combinable style car wash systems
2. Middle and high end global brand of car wash industry.
3. The most highest cost performance among the car wash industry.
4. The technology is mature and can be guaranteed effectively.
5. The most popular car wash machine.
6. The most beautiful car washing machine
7. The services cost of the machine is the lowest
8. It can meet the car washing requirements for washing 600-1000 cars.
9. The comfort has achieved highest demands on the world.
10. Operation noise is lower than 60 decibel
11. The framework is high integrity and stability
12. TEPO-AUTO car wash system gets the highest reputation by global clients.

Tunnel car wash machine

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