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The brand of washing machine take many attentions

dobra jakość Myjnia samochodowa na sprzedaż
dobra jakość Myjnia samochodowa na sprzedaż
Thanks for your continued support Autobase! We will provide you with better service!

—— BOSCH Car Service

Autobase manufacturing automatic washing machine is used 3M car care chain, we have been very grateful!

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Mercedes-Benz manufacturing plant in China using automatic washing equipment Autobase is the most effective support of our work!

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Mobil car care since 2006 has been used Autobase car wash works well, we will provide the best service support!

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Provide professional services the Autobase automatic car washing machine for the BMW global.

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The Autobase automatic car wash equipment Benz 300 service organizations in China, to provide quality services to our sense of autobase wash systems

—— Mercedes-Benz china

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The brand of washing machine take many attentions

Chiny The brand of washing machine take many attentions dostawca

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Place of Origin: BEIJING,CHINA
: CE,ISO9001


Minimum Order Quantity: One Set
Packaging Details: Wooden Package
Delivery Time: 45 Days
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The base is welded with rectangle steel tubes and left and right columns and top frame are welded with square steel tubes, which are
then connected with bolts and nuts. Horizontal brush, lateral brushes, injection system and electrical control system are mounted on the
left and right columns and top frame. Active roller and passive roller are mounted on the left and right columns and bus washer are driven
by the active roller and a group of sprockets on the speed reducer.

The steel column cable support made by good steel and thick with multifold
It can use 30 years and the anti-rust dealing out of date is 15 years.
We also make anti-break and pull design , and make it beautifully.

AUTOBASE bus washing machine computer control system is a single point of control of the PLC control system which AUTOBASE
company make for the global mid-single-machine industry. This system has four advantage such as work stability, high accuracy,
security, quiet and so on.
1. It adopt Japan's Mitsubishi PLC composition as computer core.
2. It adopt Schneider interface between the controller do all the work.
3. Autobase use unique overload protection and leakage protection
device, to achieve all the features work safety.
4. All low voltage electrical control system uses a 24V power supply
to protect all control components.
5. If there is a single function fails, the central alarm system light will
be turn on.
6. The entire system with a powerful transformer and voltage regulator
device, to provide a stable voltage output for the entire system.
7. The overall alignment of the various functional areas at a glance, to
facilitate the effective management of customers.
8. All the terminals be uniformed numbers by the Autobase in
accordance with CE certification standards to complete.
9. To ensure the safety control system and machine, the adoption of
the zero line and the way to achieve docking.

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